GudbjørgGudbjoerg2 Øen – Center Manager
Background: Professor in health science and education. Candidatus Sanitatus, specializing in health psychology and preventive health care work. Registered nurse and health visitor with further education in psychiatry and pediatrics. Experience within the specialist- and primary health service, upper secondary education and college. Research field: childhood obesity. Editor and author.
+47 55 58 58 82
ingrid2Ingrid Leversen – Senior advisor
Background: PhD and Master’s degree in health psychology and health promotion from the University of Bergen. Registered nurse. Has many years of experience with research- and project work relating to lifestyle habits and their effects on health, the psychosocial environment and well-being in children and adolescents.
+47 55 58 75 33
henning2Henning Klafstad – Senior advisor
Background: Master of Arts in Interactive Multimedia from Bath University College. 20 years of experience within multimedia production, project development and management at the Center for New Media, Bergen University College.
+47 55 58 59 20
Hanna Flækøy Skjåkødegård – Advisor
Background: Specialist physiotherapist with Master’s degree in clinical health science, with specialist studies in obesity and health from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU). Since January 2013 has worked at the obesity outpatient clinic (PFO), Haukeland University Hospital. Works as advisor at the center, and as specialist physiotherapist and research assistant at PFO.
mari2Mari Helene Kårstad – Senior advisor
Background: Master’s degree in clinical nutrition, minor in psychology, and further education in nutrition and meal science.
Experience within the specialist health service (with children, adolescents and adults) and research- and development work associated with nutrition.
+47 473 66 912
Sissel Øvrebø Semshaug – Advisor
Background: Qualified pre-school teacher with specialist training in physical development. Also has a Bachelor’s degree in Management from BI Norwegian Business School. Has significant experience as an educational manager and kindergarten manager.
+47 55 58 71 58
Britt Unni Wilhelmsen – Professor
Background: Professor in health science and vocational science. PhD in health promotion from the University of Bergen. Has worked in the university/college sector, with training in public health and food and health as well as development-, testing and evaluation of health promotion measures. Research field: development and evaluation of health promoting educational initiatives for young people in the areas of alcohol abuse, diet and use of ICT in health education.
+47 55 58 76 81
Marte Gausvik – Advisor
Background: Bachelor’s degree in public health from the University of Agder and Master’s degree in health promotion and health psychology from the University of Bergen. Experience as research assistant and project manager from work relating to lifestyle choices affecting health, social inequality and environmental factors in children and young adults.
+47 55 58 70 28
Ann-Helen Odberg – Senior advisor
Background: Associate professor in sport science. Master’s degree in sports science from Norwegian School of Sport Sciences. Many years of experience from the university/college sector. Research- and development work associated with physical activity, sport, physical education and didactic practices. Experience with structural public health interventions with children and adolescents in various arenas.
+47 55 58 58 78
Lene Bakke – Senior advisor
Background: Master’s degree in human nutrition. Has studied food science and is a trained chef. Has also undertaken studies in psychology and education. Experience from university/college sector with teaching, research and development work within public health, food and health in schools and in pre-school teacher training.
+47 55 58 56 70

Eva Sørlie – Advisor
Background: Adjunct. Lecturer in food and health from SLHS. Design and communication in digital media from Oslo University College. Journalism from Volda University College. Broad experience in development of food ideas, food distribution and dietary information, from school (high school, junior high and grade school) and from the food industry and media. Has previously worked as food information consultant, head of marketing, food journalist/editor etc. Works now as advisor at the center, and as food- and health teacher in grade school.

Therese Halvorsen Røst – Senior advisor
Background: PhD in clinical biochemistry and with many years of experience from the University of Bergen in research and student supervision on projects relating to lifestyle diseases.
Also has experience from Bergen University College in teaching and research- and development work within public health, food and health in schools and pre-school.

+47 55 58 70 73



Hege2Hege Eikeland Tjomsland – Senior advisor
Background:  PhD from the University of Bergen, Department of Health Promotion and Development. Prior to starting at the Center she worked as a teacher trainer at UiB. Hege has long experience in the design and evaluation of school-based and leisure time interventions. In particular, her research has focused on interventions designed to promote physical activity among youth. Hege is also an Associate Professor at Hedmark University of Applied Sciences, School of Public Health.
+47 55 58 79 49